Our stories

Terri’s story

My first impressions of Rugeley School were absolutely amazing. Outstanding facilities, the staff are just so approachable and understanding. They all seem to have a very good knowledge of what the kids need and their expectations, compared to his previous school, which was just, you’re doing Key Stage 1, get on with it. The difference in my son is phenomenal – he’s a lot more relaxed, a lot more approachable. He’s come on so much because of the way they teach him. Fun and dinosaurs! That’s what he likes and that’s how they teach him. I can now have a good conversation with him, compared to six months ago when I couldn’t talk to him.

Mark's story

The first day Kyler came here was absolutely amazing. He was a big hit from the start. He was really happy, it’s been an incredible experience from the start. His happiness has just stuck with him. In the morning, he looks for his school shoes with a smile on his face. That speaks volumes for this school, for the Teachers. I can’t speak highly enough about the Teachers – I’ve never seen this genuine love from the Teachers for a child like this. It gives me an amazing peace of mind. The school is in a beautiful setting, peaceful surroundings and everything here that you’d want for your child.

Bruno and Tania’s story

At the first stage we had a meeting with the Head Teacher, Lisa. I still remember what she told us – “we’ll help Brolin.” One of the first things that struck us was that all the staff were very kind. Warm and welcoming, wanting to help and answer questions and relieve some of the worries we had in our heart. We have noticed a big change in Brolin’s life. He’s more involved in the community, when we go shopping. That’s amazing and we couldn’t believe that would have happened. Before, many things we had to do for him, but now he’s much more independent.

“The privilege of supporting and encouraging the unique young people within our care to grow and develop into becoming healthy and confident individuals makes me very proud to work for Aspris.”

“Seeing a young person develop from the moment they walked through the door of our school aged eight, to leaving to go into a full time job with a secure future aged 18 – this makes me so proud!”