About us

Aspris has a common purpose – to help individuals find solutions to their challenges and to realise their true potential. Some of the most remarkable people of our time have dealt with huge challenges but overcame them to excel.

We see the potential in every individual. This may be in a child with autism who needs specialist support to further their education, a young person who requires focused care to thrive after a challenging start to their life, or an adult needing treatment for their anxiety or expert support for depression.

It makes me very proud to help young people thrive.

Take a look at one of our services

Watch our videos below to get a feel for the environments in which we support our children, young people and clients.

Children’s services

Our specialist schools, colleges, children’s homes and fostering agency offer the highest standards of care, providing a stable environment for young people to overcome barriers and move on to a brighter future. We have an unwavering approach to quality and safety, which we apply through a robust governance framework. Every child is unique, so we’re committed to delivering tailored and supportive plans for people with a range of backgrounds and needs.

Corporate services

Our colleagues within our corporate services teams provide the infrastructure that underpins our work supporting children, young people and clients. From IT to accountants, marketing to HR, we recruit passionate, experienced, and committed individuals who are experts in their field, so we can smoothly deliver our core services to those who need them. The passion and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes runs through our corporate services colleagues, enabling our front-line professionals to help deliver brighter tomorrows for the children, young people and clients we support.

Middle East services

Using extensive knowledge and expertise gained from our UK services, we support and educate those with autism in the Middle East at Al Karamah School in Abu Dubai. We also offer specialist training to students aged 15+ at Al Karamah Training Institute, with the aim to equip students with the practical skills and independence needed to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. Our talented and dedicated colleagues help us to do this. In addition, we offer wellbeing centres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia to assist those with mental health conditions.